Top 5 July 2020

-A.M. Aguilar  Top 5 July 2020 Science Fiction, Fantasy Fiction, and Young Adult Fiction I can’t believe July is already over. We’re officially about to begin the 8th month of 2020. Wow! Can you believe it? This month actually felt like one of the longest so far. I hope you all had a beautiful month […]

My First Reading Challenge

-A.M. Aguilar My First Reading Challenge Bookstagram Reading Challenge #TheBestiesReadathon If you have been following my recent posts and stories on Instagram (you’re not following? What are you waiting for ;)! @thebookssmuggler) then you probably noticed that I am part of #thebestiesreadathon! This reading challenge began July 5th and ends this weekend. 

Top 5 June 2020

-A.M. Aguilar Top 5 June 2020 Science Fiction, High Fantasy and Adventure Fiction   June is already over, which means, we are halfway through the year! 2020 has definitely been a rollercoaster of events and feelings, but we have to hope things will get better and our world will heal. We have been growing a lot […]

My Favorite Book Covers

-A.M. Aguilar My Favorite Book Covers Stunning, Beautiful and Eye Catching Covers Since I joined the bookstagram community (I’m loving that sweet reading corner in the Internet! ) I have been amazed by this beautiful books and interesting recommendations I have received. One of the things I have noticed the most are all of this […]

Top 5 May 2020

-A.M. Aguilar Top 5 May 2020 High Fantasy, Romance, Fiction and Psychological Fiction :0 This month was full of good books and amazing sequels! Aside from beginning this beautiful journey of book blogging (and bookstagram πŸ™‚ check my account down below), in May I had the chance to read and begin online classes. I finished […]

Why Fantasy and Fiction?

-A.M. Aguilar Why Fantasy and Fiction? β€œOne day, you will be old enough to start reading fairytales again.” One of my favorite quotes by C.S. Lewis πŸ˜€ . The genres I read the most are fantasy, fiction, contemporary, and romance. But if you know me personally or have been following me for a while, then […]

Top 5 April 2020

-A.M. Aguilar Top 5 April 2020 Fiction, Romance, Humor, Fantasy and High Fantasy I began this blog on May (and it has been a sweet journey, especially the diving into bookstagram πŸ˜‰ )  but I figured I needed to share with you guys the highlights April reading brought!

My 7 Best Fiction Reads of 2019

-A.M. Aguilar My 7 Best Fiction Reads of 2019 This past year, I had the chance of reading many wonderful books. I also reached my goal of reading 65 books! This year, 2020, I am rooting for 100 books πŸ™‚ . Even if we are a few months into 2020 already, I had to share […]