At The Book Smuggler, we’re constantly sharing and discussing YA Fantasy & Fiction books and talking about our favorite authors, the top books of the month and many more amazing stuff the world of reading has to offer.

I usually talk about my favorite books and the common genres I discuss are “Fantasy” or “Fiction.”  Fantasy books just give you another world to think about. It raises the possibility that anything can happen. Even when the book is finished, the characters will remain in your mind  and they leave a mark in your life. Feel free to contact me if you want to recommend or suggest any of your favorite books in whichever genre you like.

-A.M. Aguilar

By A.M. Aguilar

Welcome to my blog! I have been known to read a lot of books in my spare time and believe we must be the change this world must see.  

My blog is about: YA Fantasy, Fiction, Romance and many book genres where we share and discuss reviews, writings, thoughts and ideas. Feedback is also completely accepted to enhance and improve my blog. 

Feel free to contact me if you want to be part of this journey and do not forget to leave your comments in each post. Thoroughly appreciated!



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  • Computer Science Student.
  • Ravenous Reader / Gryffindor. 



This started of as my own space where I can share all the memorable books I have read and have a chance to review them too. It turns out that blogging also gives you a chance to share your thoughts with hundreds of people that also love reading. Why should you decide to book blog?


You have a chance to share your experiences and thoughts on the books you love the most. The books that have created an impact and left a mark in your soul. 


You get to continue your passion for reading and read all the books out there in whatever genre you. Plus you get suggestions from fellow book lovers on the books they have enjoyed too!


You get to discuss the best books from authors all around the world and share your experiences and reviews with other book lovers no matter where they are.